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We were lucky enough this week to have two great groups of folks visit us at Justia — Tom Bruce and Sara Frug of Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, and Robb Shecter and Lisa Hackenberger from Tom and Sara were here for a few days to talk about current and (cool) future projects, topped off by a visit to Fry’s on their last day.  (And Courtney and I were also lucky enough grab a few minutes to get them up to speed on our current universal citation project.)  Robb and Lisa stopped by Tuesday afternoon to chat with everyone about all the great stuff Robb is up to with, as well as future opportunities for collaboration.  Below is a photo of the some of the gang (we leave it to Tom to explain his t-shirt :), plus our Justia ambassadors, Sheba and Rio.  It was great to see all of them and hope they come back soon!

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