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Here is a rundown of September’s highest scoring lawyers on Justia Legal Answers, along with a look at which Onward blog and Facebook posts readers viewed the most.

Justia Legal Answers’ Top 10 Legal Answerers for September 2011

  1. Jon Matthew Martinez, 850 points, 17 answers
  2. David Philip Shapiro, Esq., 500 points, 10 answers
  3. J. Richard Kulerski, Esq., 380 points, 8 answers
  4. Brian F. LaBovick Esq., 340 points, 8 answers
  5. Herbert G. Farber Esq., 326 points, 10 answers
  6. Andrew John Hawes, 280 points, 6 answers
  7. Anthony J. Pietrafesa, 280 points, 6 answers
  8. Mark A. Siesel, 250 points, 5 answers
  9. Robert Neal Katz, 250 points, 5 answers
  10. Mark Steven Humphreys, 200 points, 4 answers

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Buried in an announcement from the Judicial Conference today on standards and procedures for sealing civil cases comes news of an approved fee increase for PACER access:

The Conference . . . authorized an increase in the Judiciary’s electronic public access fee in response to increasing costs for maintaining and enhancing the electronic public access system. The increase in the electronic public access (EPA) fee, from $.08 to $.10 per page, is needed to continue to support and improve the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system, and to develop and implement the next generation of the Judiciary’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing system.

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