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It’s election day and all of us here at Justia hope you get out and vote! Given that we’ll have a new Congress at the beginning of the year, we’d like to point you to some iPhone apps you can download to keep informed on what’s going on in the U.S. Senate and House.   Note: All of these apps are FREE.

C-Span Radio – Listen to Congressional hearings along with audio streams of public affairs programming from C-SPAN Radio, C-SPAN and C-SPAN2.


Sometimes people mistake Justia’s mission, “To advance the availability of legal resources for the benefit of society,” as being only about advancing the availability of legal resources for lawyers, but society is much larger then the legal community. This week’s App of the week is free for the iPhone and iPad from our friends at Nolo, and it’s geared at making the often confusing landscape of legal terms easier to understand for everyone.

I am not a lawyer myself, nor have I gone to law school.  I came to Justia as a programmer.  While I have learned much about the law since I started working here in 2006, I still find myself constantly coming up against legal terms that I don’t know.  There are a few places I turn to find out what those words and phrases mean discreetly so when the lawyers in my midst say them I can pretend I knew what it was all along, and one of the best sources I’ve found is Nolo’s Plain English Legal Dictionary available for free at


Justia has launched a new legal portal for Mexico!

Justia Mexico provides legal information and resources for lawyers and consumers in Mexico. In keeping with Justia’s mission, these resources are all free, open, and shared.

The Justia Mexico portal provides access to Mexican Federal and State laws, including the Constitution of the United Mexican States, Codes, Laws, and Regulations.  The site also hosts legal information about the 32 Mexican States including State Constitutions, Codes, and additional government resources, such as demographic information. Justia Mexico allows pinpoint citations to the state codes. Currently, the Government only provides one PDF file for all of the laws in Mexico. Justia programmers have extracted the information from this PDF and broken it up into HTML text on our site. Now, users can quickly find and cite the specific section of code they need.


¡Justia ha lanzado un nuevo portal para México!

Justia México es un sitio web de recursos legales diseñado especialmente para los interesados en la legislación mexicana. Ofrece toda la legislación federal como la constitución, códigos, leyes, reglamentos entre otros documentos. También cuenta con recursos legales de nivel estatal, como las constituciones estatales, leyes y códigos, así como información estadística de cada entidad y links de interés hacia sitios gubernamentales.

Lo que hace al sitio de Justia México diferente de otros sitios, incluso los mismos sitios de gobierno, es la capacidad de navegar entre las leyes sin necesidad de descargar todo un archivo PDF. Esto es particularmente útil para investigaciones, o mejor aún para citar partes de la ley en blogs u otras paginas web, cosa que antes era imposible. Previo al trabajo realizado por Justia Mexico, la única forma consistía en hacer referencia al archivo de la ley completo (en formato PDF), en lugar de ir directo al punto del que se quiere hablar  con un link directo al artículo o sección de la ley.

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