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Samsung’s lawyers want a copy of Apple’s patent licensing agreement with HTC, according to emails filed in federal court on Friday (highlighted below).

After a federal jury returned a $1.05 billion verdict for Apple in August — just one of the two companies’ hotly contested global patent disputes — U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh scheduled a December 6 hearing date on Apple’s request for an injunction prohibiting the sale of reportedly infringing Samsung products.

Samsung, however, is trying to lessen the severity of any injunctive relief sought by Apple, since the Cupertino company and competing mobile device marker HTC just settled their own patent litigation.


With a Kodak bankruptcy reportedly in the works, the legendary photography business filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple and HTC today (see below).

Kodak, the designer and builder of the first operating digital camera, alleges that Apple, Inc. is infringing four of its digital imaging patents, and that HTC is violating five of them.

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