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Montblanc, the German maker of fabled fountain pens and other luxury goods sued Google for help in unmasking the identities of alleged counterfeiters running Google AdWords campaigns on Google’s UK search engine to hawk knockoff pens.

Montblanc’s lawsuit against Google asks the court for equitable relief, i.e.,, not money but a court order granting the penmaker discovery to unmask and confirm the identity of the person or entity placing misleading ads on Google.


Snooki's "Snookify Me" app for iPhone and AndroidOn the Internet, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be rich and famous. Popularity can help! Take Snooki for example.

The MTV star extended the reach of her intellectual property by licensing rights to her name, images, and more in a “Snookify Me” app for the iPhone and Android. It lets users Snookify themselves and their pets.

SEC filings reveal that Snooki could make some serious dough from the deal. Oh, and there’s that stock thing too (see below).


Can gaming company Zynga successfully obtain trademark rights to all things ending in ville, the French word for a town or village?

Answering that question is a task facing two federal courts.

Before it launched its billion dollar IPO, the San Francisco-based tech company threatened to sue computer game makers for having product names containing the ‘ville’ suffix.

Rather than accede to Zynga’s demands, game makers in West Virginia and Texas preemptively sued Zynga for court declarations that their game names — Blingville and Dungeonville — do not infringe any of the company’s trademark rights.

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Deal sites like Groupon and Living Social make money by offering discounts for products and services to a large pool of web subscribers.

But what happens if the merchandise being offered for sale may be counterfeit, unauthorized versions of authentic merchandise?

If you’re clothing and fashion accessories designer Gotham Licensing Group, you file a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Canadian company doing business as Beyond The Rack (read the complete lawsuit below).


There’s a bitter legal feud in the Wild Yonder out West. The trademark fighter pilot litigators at two telecoms are fueling their IP jets, checking their legal payloads, and heading for a showdown over the clear blue skies of eastern California and northern Nevada.

Carlsbad, California-based ViaSat®, owner of Yonder mobile broadband, fired the first salvo, launching a service mark infringement lawsuit against Yonder Wireless, a Reno, Nevada-based rural broadband provider. The legal filing contains a number of other claims in this business dispute. (Read the full text of the lawsuit below)


While Apple and Amazon have continued battling in court over its App Store trademark, Amazon launched it’s “Kindle Fire” tablet this week.

The move prompted Apple to quickly file an amended complaint in the case (see below).

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected California company Grant Media’s recent trademark application for the phrase ‘Casey Anthony.’

Yes, that Casey Anthony: the Florida mother whom a jury acquitted of murdering her young daughter Caylee Anthony. The trial received an enormous amount of media attention on the Web, television, and in print media.

Exactly why did they USPTO reject Grant Media’s application?

Justia read the papers on file with the agency to find out, and we wanted you to see for yourself.