Apple iCloud Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Stormy MobileMe Migration


A new class-action lawsuit accuses Apple of raining on iCloud users’ service, charging that the company’s promise that “migrating from MobileMe to iCould would be ‘effortless’ was one of many “misrepresentations” to consumers.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple duped MobileMe customers into believing that they would get a newer, improved service, but that “their forced migration to the iCloud platform” has resulted in them “not be[ing] able to access the features they were promised by Apple.”

Perhaps the lawsuit’s biggest complaint is that Apple performed allegedly inadequate QA “to adequately ensure that features MobileMe users were paying for would be accessible,” and that when iCloud launched, MobileMe users did not have complete functional use of e-mail, online storage of contacts, calendars, photos, and documents.

The lawsuit is a litany of complaints about MobileMe to iCloud migration, particularly with respect to email service.

“In sum,” the complaint charges, “Apple’s most dedicated customers, including those who paid for MobileMe service, have continually experienced problems with iCloud migration.”

You can track the case docket here, and read the full class-action lawsuit below:

Class Action Complaint (Comer v. Apple)