Judge Posner Points His Finger at Apple’s Patent Litigators


Enough already! That’s the message from Judge Richard Posner, the federal judge presiding over one of many patent feuds between Apple and Motorola Mobility.

Dagnabbit, Apple, Judge Posner is fed up with your legal team’s motion practice!

“I’ve had my fill of frivolous filings by Apple,” he wrote in a newly released court order (read it below).

Posner previously denied Apple’s previous motion to block deposition testimony of wireless networks academic Dr. Leonard Cimini three three days earlier. He was more than a little miffed that Apple violated his “Friday motion rule” to prevent Motorola from deposing Cimini on May 4th, claiming that Apple was “attempting to use the medical problem of Cimini’s wife to block [his] deposition.”

Photo credit: Gor/Shutterstock.com

You can view Judge Posner’s order here:

Order (Apple, Inc., et al. v. Motorola, Inc. et al.)