Jury Deliberating Oracle – Google Java Code Copyright Case


The jury in Oracle’s Java code copyright lawsuit against Google began deliberating this afternoon in federal court in San Francisco, California.

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup gave the jury their final charge today: 19 pages of instructions and guidelines to use in their deliberations (read it below).

Google lawyers claim that the Android OS is “substantially” different than Sun’s Java code, that it used free public domain resources when developing its mobile software, and even received Sun’s approval to do so.

Oracle’s intellectual property lawyers maintain the contrary view.

Using a “Special Verdict Form,” Judge Alsup reminded the jury that their “answers must be unanimous” when deciding whether or not Google infringed Oracle’s copyright-protected Java source code when the company developed its Android OS mobile software.

Photo credit: vladek/Shutterstock.com

Here is the Special Verdict Form:

Special Verdict Form (Oracle v. Google)

Here are the jury’s instructions:

Final Charge to the Jury – Phase One (Oracle America v. Google, Inc.)