iPad Case Ribs Heat Up Patent Lawsuit Against Apple, Target


Jerald Bovino, the holder of a U.S. Patent (No. 6,977,809) for a portable computer case made of ‘resilient material’ designed with ‘ribs,’ is suing Apple and Target, claiming that Apple’s manufacture and sale of iPad and iPad 2 cases (inset, right), and Target’s sale of the iPad Smart Cover, infringe his 2005 patent.

The plaintiff filed his patent lawsuit in federal court in Colorado where he resides.

Bovino seeks statutory damages from Apple and Target in the form of “a reasonable royalty, together with interest and costs.”

Here are drawings of Bovino’s computer case that are shown in his patent.

Photo credit: D. Silliman

You can read plaintiff Jerald Bovino’s patent infringement lawsuit over his portable computer case here:

Complaint (Jerald A. Bovino v. Apple, Inc. and Target Corp.)