Justia’s Top 10 Lists for March 2012


Here is a rundown of March’s highest scoring lawyers on Justia Legal Answers, along with a look at which Justia Dockets legal filings, Tech Law blog posts, and Facebook posts readers viewed the most.

Justia Legal Answers’ Top 10 Legal Answerers for March 2012

  1. Min G. Kim, 880 points, 18 answers
  2. David Philip Shapiro, 705 points, 14 answers
  3. Gojko Kasich, 600 points, 12 answers
  4. Vincent Ronald Ross, 560 points, 12 answers
  5. Andrew Bresalier, 500 points, 10 answers
  6. Daniel Marc Berman, 430 points, 18 answers
  7. Janet Rubel 400 points, 8 answers
  8. James Kenneth Sweeney, 300 points, 6 answers
  9. Benjamin P. Urbelis 250 points, 5 answers
  10. Michael Howard Joseph, 210 points, 5 answers

The Top 10 Legal Filings Viewed in Justia Dockets in March 2012

  1. A lawsuit filed by parents who accused Pennsylvania’s Hersey Medical Center of taking their baby and kicking them out of the hospital.
  2. A Tennessee businessman sues his business partner in a dispute over control and finances fo companies.
  3. Hollywood’s ongoing copyright litigation against digital storage service Hotfile.
  4. The trademark lawsuit filed by former Kyuss Lives! band member Josh Humme against other members of the rock group.
  5. There were massive numbers of searches for copyright lawsuits filed by adult porn purveyor 808 Holdings, LLC alleging unauthorized digital downloads of its movies via BitTorrent
  6. Apple’s patent lawsuit against Motorola in Chicago, Illinois.
  7. A labor lawsuit filed against the Air Line Pilots Association by Air Tran pilots over their seniority following Southwest’s purchase of the competing airline.
  8. The patent lawsuit between two Cooper Lighting and Elite Lighting
  9. The decision upholding an arbitrator’s award in a dispute between former Frontier pilots and Republic Airway Holdings.
  10. Weather Underground’s trademark lawsuit against competitors, alleging that they used an automated process to register and use domain names that are confusingly similar to famous or distinctive trademarks their own.

The Top 10 Most-Viewed Justia Tech Law Blog Pages in March 2012

  1. Bigamy Charges after Facebook ‘Friend’ Suggestion
  2. An iPhone user walks into an Apple store…
  3. Facebook TOS Claims ‘Book’ Trademark & IP Rights
  4. H.S. Senior Tweets F-word from Home; School’s Response: Get the F**k Out
  5. Samsung Sued Over Emoticon Patent, But Not By Apple
  6. Yahoo Mail Sender’s Class-Action Lawsuit: Revealing My Name in Email Violates TOS
  7. Judge Orders Righthaven to Transfer All Copyright Registrations
  8. Class Action Charges Apple iOS and Android Apps ‘Harvested’ Users’ Address Book Data
  9. Montblanc Sues Google Over AdWords Campaigns for Alleged Counterfeit Pen Sales
  10. SunPower Sues SolarCity and ex-Employees Over Trade Secrets, Alleging Theft of “Tens-of-Thousands” of Files
  11. Santorum, Romney & Gingrich Sued for Patent Infringement Over Candidates’ Facebook Pages

Our Top 10 March 2012 Facebook Posts:

  1. Labor unions sue drug companies, alleging that they illegally subsidize co-payments to steer consumers to their brand name prescriptions instead of cheaper generics.
  2. Folks were intrigued when Kim Dotcom was allegedly dotwronged by New Zealand police.
  3. A trial over hip-hop superstar Jay-Z’s purported sampling of a well-known Egyptian ballad.
  4. A state jury ruled that Virginia Tech was guilty of negligence for failing to quickly advise students about a deadly gunmen rampaging the campus.
  5. How did the feds indict several hackers allegedly affiliated with Anonymous and LulSec? According to unsealed court documents, they had inside help.
  6. Folks had a lot to say about state efforts to ban Islamic sharia law potentially affecting other religions too.
  7. The federal government gave ICANN notice that it would not renew the company’s long-term contract for domain name registration oversight.
  8. French authorities had been tracking a terror suspect believed to have trained with al Qaeda for quite some time via his mother’s IP address, but that didn’t stop authorities from preventing his murder of seven (7) people, and injuring others in terror attacks.
  9. Celebrity chef Mario Batali settled a lawsuit brought by his restaurent employees accusing him of shorting them out of tips. $5.25 million is a lot of tip money.
  10. A New York lawyer filed his own pro se lawsuit against Yahoo, claiming that the company’s revelation of users’ first and last names via Yahoo Mail violates the portal’s own Terms of Service and California law.

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