Bigamy Charges after Facebook ‘Friend’ Suggestion :: Washington v. Alan Leighton O’Neill


Facebook can be a nifty tool for spouses and divorce lawyers investigating suspicions of infidelity. Facebook itself can also tip you off to unfaithfulness by, for example, suggesting friends who are also married to your own spouse.

One Washington State husband, Alan Leighton O’Neill née Alan Leighton Fulk, is learning that the hard way. He faces bigamy charges (read them below) after Wife No. 1 learned about Wife No. 2 via Facebook’s friend suggestion tool.

O’Neill’s Wife No. 1 — they never divorced — learned about Wife No. 2 after she clicked on a Facebook ‘friend’ suggestion, and saw her husband in wedding photo with Wife. No. 2.


Wife No. 1 called Wife No. 2’s mother, and confirmed her hubby’s infidelity. The Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Lindquist’s office got wind of this, and filed felony bigamy charges (below) against the husband.

According to deputy prosecuting attorney Grant Blinn, a police report (want to take a guess at who filed this?) showed that an Alan Leighton Fulk married Wife No. 1 on April 16, 2001. This past December, Fulk petitioned the local court to change his name from Alan Leighton O’Neill. Five days later, Mr. O’Neill née Fulk married Wife No. 2.

O’Neill was placed on unpaid administrative leave from his job as a Piece County corrections officer.

Photo credit: D. Silliman

Read O’Neill’s bigamy charges here, and then share your thoughts below.

Criminal Information and Declaration of Probably Cause (State of Washington v. Alan Leighton O’Neill)