Feds Had Inside Hacker Help from ‘Sabu’ to Charge Alleged Anonymous, LulzSec Members


According to court documents (see below), the FBI and federal prosecutors got help from hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur a/k/a ‘Sabu’ a/k/a ‘Xavier DeLeon’ a/k/a ‘Leon’ to build cases against other alleged members of Anonymous, LulzSec, Internet Feds, and AntiSec hacker groups.

U.S. authorities charged five accused hackers with federal criminal computer hacking violations, while Monsegur pled guilty to a variety of ‘substantive hacking’ violations that included targets like Sony Pictures, Fox Broadcasting, and PBS.

Among the allegations are that the accused broke into computer systems, stole and publicly disclosed confidential information, publicly disclosing stolen confidential information, hijacked victims’ email and Twitter accounts, and defacing victims’ Internet websites

You can read the allegations in the criminal charges here, and talk about them below:

Indictment (U.S. v. Ryan Ackroyd a/k/a ‘kyla,’ a/k/a ‘lol,’ a/k/a lolspoon,’ Jake Davis a/k/a ‘topiary,’ a/k/a ‘atopiary,’ Darren Martyn a/k/a ‘pwnsauce,’ a/k/a ‘raepsauce,’ a/k/a ‘networkkitten,’ and Donncha O’Cearrbhail a/k/a ‘palladium’)

Complaint (U.S. v. Jeremy Hammond a/k/a’ Anarchaos,’ a/k/a ‘sup_g,’ a/k/a ‘burn’ a/k/a ‘yohoho’ a/k/a ‘POW’ a/k/a ‘tylerknowsthis’ a/k/a ‘crediblethreat’)

Information (U.S. v. Hector Xavier Monsegur a/k/a ‘Sabu,’ a/k/a ‘Xavier DeLeon’ a/k/a ‘Leon’)

Amended Complaint (U.S. v. Donncha O’Cearrbhail a/k/a ‘palladium,’ a/k/a ‘polonium,’ a/k/a ‘anonsacco’)