Whitey Bulger’s Defense Lawyers Want Time “to Review a Tsunami’s Worth” of Material


James J. 'Whitey' Bulger pictureWhitey Bulger, the indicted and apprehended alleged ringleader of Boston’s notorious ‘Winter Hill Gang’ organized crime family, needs “a reasonable amount of time to review a tsunami’s worth of discovery,” according to Bulger’s defense lawyers J.W. Carney, Jr. and and Henry B. Brennan.

The statement was made in a filing with the Massachusetts federal court this morning (read the legal filing below).

Just how much material?

According to Bulger’s defense attorneys, they need to review roughly 580,000 pages of documents and 921 government wiretaps, “with only a few transcribed.” Reviewing 2.5 wiretaps a day, every day of the year (including weekends) — focusing on nothing else — still wouldn’t be enough time, and would not even cover the 580,0000 pages of documents

Bulger’s attorneys’ request for a “reasonable amount of time” appears to be just that: a reasonable request given the number of witnesses, documentation, electronic evidence, and more.

THey also hint that at least one defense strategy will be to probe “the FBI regarding its relationship with” Bulger.

You can read Whitey Bulger’s indictment here:

Third Superseding Indictment (U.S. v. Bulger, et al.)

See Bulger’s defense lawyer’s request for more time to prepare for trial here:

Defendant’s Memorandum Regarding Estimated time Required to Review and Analyze Discovery (U.S. v. Bulger, et al.)