Montblanc Sues Google Over AdWords Campaigns for Alleged Counterfeit Pen Sales :: Montblanc-Simplo GmbH v. Google, Inc.


Montblanc, the German maker of fabled fountain pens and other luxury goods sued Google for help in unmasking the identities of alleged counterfeiters running Google AdWords campaigns on Google’s UK search engine to hawk knockoff pens.

Montblanc’s lawsuit against Google asks the court for equitable relief, i.e.,, not money but a court order granting the penmaker discovery to unmask and confirm the identity of the person or entity placing misleading ads on Google.

Two Montblanc U.K. trademarks are listed in the complaint:

  • The first, Trademark 1271649, is for “[w]riting and drawing instruments, stationery; inks and erasers, all included in Class 16; parts and fittings included in Class 16 for all the aforesaid goods.”
  • The second, Trademark 2285024 is for the image (shown in the graphic above) associated with Montblanc’s “[f]ountain pens; ball point pens; pencils; felt-tip pens; rollerballs; document markers; pouches for writing instruments; gift cases for writing instruments; inks and refills; note paper; writing paper; diaries; organisers; paperweights; pen and pencil holders.”

While Google has long been associated with search-related advertising, you can bet the bank that Facebook and Twitter will face similar lawsuits seeking to learn or confirm the identities of others placing ads for counterfeit goods on the social network and microblog.

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You can follow Montblanc’s case docket in its lawsuit against Google here to learn if and when it gets court-ordered permission for a bill of discovery against Google to confirm the identities of counterfeiters placing AdWords ads. Read the complaint in the lawsuit below:

Complaint for Equitable Relief (Montblanc v. Google