FCC: Anti-Abortion Activist Can’t Run Super Bowl Sunday TV Ads


The Federal Communications Commission (‘FCC’) ruled today that anti-abortion activist Randall Terry (inset, right) failed to show “that he is a legally qualified” presidential candidate entitled to “reasonable” broadcast TV access in Illinois.

Even if he was, the FCC concluded, Chicago NBC affilate WMAQ did not act unreasonably when it refused to sell him air time to run ads on Super Bowl Sunday (Read the decision below).

Terry argued that his write-in candidacy “in several Illinois counties,” and his purported eligibility “to be elected president of the United States” entitled him to run presidential campaign ads, according to FCC rules.

The FCC concluded that Terry failed to make a “substantial showing” that he was actually a candidate for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination in Illinois. A letter from the Democratic National Committee’s executive director was unequivocal: the DNC “does not consider him an actual candidate” for the Democratic ticket.

Moreover, even if he were a legally qualified presidential candidate, the FCC reaffirmed its position that:

he would not be entitled to particular placement of his spots on a particular program on a station’s broadcast schedule. The Commission’s established policy in this regard close fits the circumstances of this case. (emphasis added)

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You can read the FCC’s Memorandum Opinion and Order dismissing Randall Terry’s complaint below:

FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order, In re: Randall Terry

5 responses to “FCC: Anti-Abortion Activist Can’t Run Super Bowl Sunday TV Ads”

  1. LESLEY DOWDEN says:

    Who is Randall Terry? If he was a viable candidate I would have recognized his name.

  2. rewinn says:

    Randall Terry is a woman-hating freak, who makes his living preaching hatred of any woman who needs an abortion. He needs the attention to get money from his followers, and he figures pretending to be a Democratic Presidential candidate would be an easy way to get attention.

  3. Jose Carrasquillo says:

    Yes, who is he?

  4. S. Grisham says:

    Please Google him. He heads up Operation Rescue, a group of anti-choice, anti-woman terrorists. The ads he intended to run–during the Super Bowl, when kids would be watching–included extremely graphic images of aborted fetuses.

  5. Barbara Santee says:

    Randall Terry is a certifiably insane anti-abortion zealot who founded Operation Rescue about 20 years ago. He was a used car salesman who found he could get a lot of press time on the backs of women using abortion as his issue. He was kicked out of his fundamentalist church for committing adultery. He was sued by Planned Parenthood for committing libel several years ago; and PP got all of the assets of Operation Rescue. He is really a nut, and even given the present field of candidates, is in no way qualified to be the president of the United States. He is not even qualified to shine the shoes of the least qualified who are running now.
    Google his name, read some of his history. He is not a viable candidate, and in my opinion, should be in an institution. The picture of the guy sitting next to him who is wearing a rubber boot as a hat should tell you all you need to know. They both are nuts.