Trademark Lawsuit Accuses Flash Web Retailer of Selling Counterfeit Fashions


Deal sites like Groupon and Living Social make money by offering discounts for products and services to a large pool of web subscribers.

But what happens if the merchandise being offered for sale may be counterfeit, unauthorized versions of authentic merchandise?

If you’re clothing and fashion accessories designer Gotham Licensing Group, you file a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Canadian company doing business as Beyond The Rack (read the complete lawsuit below).

Gotham’s lawsuit alleges that it registered trademarks for fashion items bearing the “Dollhouse” mark, along with a number of logo designs that accompany some of the products.

The complaint maintains that Beyond The Rack’s website has at least 5 million members who buy fashion apparel and accessories at “deep discounts” through the “flash retailer.”

Gotham’s lawsuit charges that the defendant sold knock-off, counterfeit products trademarked by plaintiff, and that it “never authorized Defendant to use any of Plaintiff’s trademarks.”

You can read the new trademark infringement allegations in the complaint below, and follow the case docket here.

Complaint for Trademark Infringement and Trademark Counterfeiting.
Gotham Licensing Group, LLC v. 7525419 Canada Inc. d/b/a

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