Facebook, Zuckerberg, and Ceglia Court Hearing Today on 8 Motions


Tensions could reach a new high point today in the Facebook ownership claim lawsuit between plaintiff, convicted felon Paul Cegilia (inset), and Defendants Facebook and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

A court hearing today in Buffalo, New York is scheduled to consider no less than eight (8) motions with roughly eighty (80) pleadings on among them on the court docket.

What are they all about?

Facebook and Zuckerberg have two of these eight pending motions: one to compel Ceglia to comply with discovery orders, and another seeking sanctions against Dean Boland, Ceglia’s most recent lawyer (he’s had six firms come and go already) for allegedly “duplicitous misconduct.”

Ceglia’s six motions pending motions seek sanctions and preclusion orders against Defendants.

Last month the Court ordered Ceglia to return to the U.S. by December 2, 2011 from Ireland where he had been for some time:

Order, Ceglia v. Zuckerberg and Facebook (U.S. Dist. Ct., W.D.N.Y.), Nov. 3, 2011.

I predict that the Court will rule on these motions quickly so that the case moves forward at a much quicker pace than it has to date.

Follow the case docket here to stay on top of the latest rulings in the Paul Ceglia v. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Inc. litigation.

Photo credit: vladek/Shutterstock.com