Congress Recruiting Founding Fathers to Save the Republic


Last month, Representative Don Young of Alaska introduced the DebtPatriots.Gov Act of 2011, which calls for the creation of a website dedicated to collecting donations to reduce the public debt of the United States. The website, which will be hosted at, will collect donations and publicly recognize the patriotism of those who “are willing to contribute additional funds, above and beyond their tax obligations.”

The bill proposes several levels of donor recognition:

Corporation Award Levels

  • Corporate Founder ($50B).
  • Corporate Son of Liberty ($10B).
  • Corporate Constitutional Delegate ($1B).
  • Corporate Minuteman ($500M).
  • Corporate Patriot ($1M).

Individual Award Levels (Premium)

  • Premium Founding Father/Mother ($1B).
  • Premium Son/Daughter of Liberty ($500M).
  • Premium Constitutional Delegate ($100M).
  • Premium Minuteman/woman ($10M).
  • Premium Patriot ($1M).

Individual Award Levels

  • Founding Father/Mother ($100K).
  • Son/Daughter of Liberty ($10K).
  • Constitutional Delegate ($1K).
  • Minuteman/woman ($100).
  • Patriot ($10).

In lieu of real political reform, I guess this is the best that Washington, D.C. can come up with these days. However, I do wonder whether Representative Young missed the GOP memo that corporations are people. Otherwise, why create separate recognition levels for corporations and individuals?

Besides being publicly recognized on the website, donors will also receive a “signed certification of appreciation” from the President! So, for less than the cost of a private law school education, you can become a Founding Father or a Founding Mother of the republic. How will that look on your résumé?