Justia’s Top 10 Lists for October 2011


Here is a rundown of October’s highest scoring lawyers on Justia Legal Answers, along with a look at which Onward blog and Facebook posts readers viewed the most.

Justia Legal Answers’ Top 10 Legal Answerers for October 2011

  1. Dennis Chen, 1,360 points, 28 answers
  2. Tanner Woods Pittman, 500 points, 10 answers
  3. Rodney John Alberto, 910 points, 21 answers
  4. Andrew Bresalier, 475 points, 17 answers
  5. David Philip Shapiro Esq., 450 points, 9 answers
  6. Paul Stanko, 400 points, 8 answers
  7. J. Richard Kulerski Esq., 300 points, 6 answers
  8. Evan Guthrie, 250 points, 5 answers
  9. Jennifer Doerrie, 200 points, 6 answers
  10. Lenore Tsakanikas, 200 points, 4 answers

Our Top 10 October Onward blog posts:Hurricane Irene

  1. What Lawyers Can Learn From Steve Jobs.
  2. USPTO Denies ‘Casey Anthony’ Trademark Application
  3. Adobe Flash + Clickjacking: Who Could Be Watching You (or Not)?
  4. TimeZone Database Editors Sued
  5. California Legislature Seeks to Boost Minority UC Admissions Through Cheating
  6. Sealed Prop. 8 Records: Who Are The Real Victims?
  7. Haunted Trademarks
  8. Remembering Steve Jobs
  9. ABA Law Firm Marketing Strategies Conference – Spread the Word – November 8-9, 2011
  10. Open Access = Public Access = Global Access

Our Top 10 October Facebook Posts:

  1. If you thought you received bad advice in a plea bargain, wouldn’t you want to set it aside?
  2. If you’re facing foreclosure, don’t let anyone trample upon your rights.
  3. California voters seek to do away with the death penalty.
  4. At least ___ lawsuits involve Libya in U.S. federal courts.
  5. All That Glitters Is Not Good Policy: In Defense of the Federal Reserve
  6. Do parents who raise childhood obesity arguments in custody battles do so in the best interests of the children, to jockey for position in court, or for other reasons?
  7. Open Access = Public Access = Global Access
  8. After Qaddafi
  9. Ex-Oklahoma Judge, Convicted of Felony Indecent Exposure on the Bench, Will Lose Most of Pension
  10. A federal judge issue an injunction prohibiting the defendants from using the Shaqtus’ and ‘Shaq’-related trademarks, including on website domain names

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