Open Access = Public Access = Global Access


It’s the fifth anniversary of Open Access Week and I thought I’d pull together some resources to mark the occasion for folks who might be interested in learning more about its impact on legal scholarship and free law. (NB: Hat tips to Sara Glassmeyer, Rob Richards and our peeps at Legal Research Plus!)

Open Access Week 2011 – Official Site

Open Access Week Webcasts – sign up and watch leading figures from the Open Access movement talk about the impact of Open Access to research and the crucial role played by students in making Open Access a reality.

CALI Spotlight Blog, Why We Fight (10/25/11) –  Sarah Glassmeyer’s inaugural post discusses Open Access and the law.

The Durham Statement Two Years Later: Open Access and the Law, Richard Danner, Kelly Leong and Wayne V. Miller (2011)

A Response to The Durham Statement Two Years Later, Margaret A. Leary (2011)

Open Access to Legal Scholarship: Dropping the Barriers to Discourse and Dialogue, Richard A. Danner (2011)

Justia’s post on last year’s Duke Conference on Open Access & The Durham Statement – October 22, 2010

Open Access Law Journals – “One Journal at a Time”, Legal Research Plus Blog.

Directory of Open Access Journals

Annual Open Access Conference – B9, Washington DC, November 9-10th

From Our Cousin’s to the North, Calgary Statement on Free Access to Legal Information – issued earlier this year in 2011.

Scholarly Communications @ Duke Blog – Open Access Topics