Justia Brasil Provides Legal Resources on Brasilian Law


Justia Brasil LogoContinuing and growing our effort to provide legal research tools for people interested in laws and legal issues throughout Latin America, I’d like to introduce Justia Brasil (or “Brazil” para los norteamericanos). This is Justia’s first website in Brasilian Portuguese.

This site compiles most of the Brasilian legal resources. For researchers of Brasil’s laws, we’ve made it easy to browse the text of the national constitution with easy links to each of the sections of the document for fast reference and linking.

Constituição Da República Federativa Do Brasil

It also provides information on Brasil’s law firms and law schools, a directory of links to the federal government offices and courts’ websites, and much more useful information.

We hope you find it useful! Stay tuned for the latest developments in our ongoing effort to advance the availability of Latin American legal resources for the benefit of society.