Support Free Law: Donate to LII


Folks, it’s pledge week here at the Justia Blog. Want to support free law? Donate to the Cornell Legal Information Institute!

The LII was the first law site on the Internet. It is dedicated to educating citizens and providing them with access to the laws that govern the United States. The LII provides federal law, editorial materials that help interpret and explain it, and technological support and innovation to help expand access. You have probably used the LII to look at the US Code–it presents a much easier, cleaner interface than the official government site. It also provides the Constitution,  C.F.R., Federal Rules, the U.C.C., and access to World Law. The site is well designed and organized, with excellent search features and true ease of use. It is both consumer and lawyer friendly.

Many countries around the world have LII’s–some sponsored by the bar, some by the state, and some by private universities, such as Cornell. The Canadian Legal Information Institute is supported by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, and is quite robust, with statutes and caselaw.  These organizations are meeting right now at Law Via the Internet in Hong Kong. Tom Bruce, who runs the Cornell LII, recently announced that next year’s conference will be hosted in Ithaca, for the 20th Anniversary of the LII there.

The LII is funded in part by Cornell Law School, its lawyer directory and sponsorships, but it relies on donations to make up 20% of its operating costs. Please consider supporting this amazing team as they work to increase access to the law for everyone.

You can follow the LII at  VoxPopuLII and LII Announce.