Justia Top 10 Lists for May 2011


Here is a rundown of May’s highest scoring lawyers on Justia Legal Answers, along with a look at which Onward blog and Facebook posts readers viewed the most.

Justia Legal Answers’ Top 10 Legal Answerers for May 2011

  1. Mark A. Siesel, 3475 points, 70 answers
  2. Rodney John Alberto, 2,747 oints, 57 answers
  3. Burton A. Padove, 2,680 points, 54 answers
  4. Ryan P. Sullivan, 950 points, 22 answers
  5. Andrew Bresalier, 701 points, 14 answers
  6. Jeffrey D. Heck, 360 points, 8 answers
  7. Robert James Reynolds, 350 points, 7 answers
  8. J. Richard Kulerski Esq., 300 points, 6 answers
  9. Eric M Wiechert, 300 points, 7 answers
  10. David Philip Shapiro Esq, 281 points, 6 answers

Our Top 10 May Onward blog posts:

  1. Courtney Minick’s post on CALI’s Free Law Reporter , a database with published (official) legal opinions and an easy-to-use search interface for legal research.
  2. Courtney’s analysis of PACER’s and FDSys’s announcement about ‘free’ case law, and how they didn’t exactly make all their opinions ‘free.’
  3. Justia’s Top 10 Lists for April (of course!)
  4. Cicely Wilson’s look at a California bill aiming to enhance privacy protections for library users.
  5. Justia’s look at state and federal laws regulating puppy mills.Puppy Mill law
  6. Cicely reported on the Florida Senate’s decision to drop its attempt to split the state’s Supreme Court in two.
  7. Gabriel Saldana highlighted Justia’s Cuban legal resources. ¡Viva la revolución del la ley gratis!
  8. We highlighted Justia’s trip to NYC to meet with our friends at Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, and clients.
  9. Ken Chan shared some Memorial Day history with us.
  10. Another post from Ken noted that May is a month chock full of congressional resolutions.

Our Top 10 May Facebook Posts:

  1. Dog lovers and defenders of dog eaters were fascinated by animal rights activists in China who saved a truckload of dogs destined for dinner plates in Chinese restaurants.
  2. Many of our friends were intrigued by our post on puppy mill laws.
  3. The revelation that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were ending their marriage, and that he fathered their ex-housekeeper’s son, caught the attention of many, including the boy’s supposed ‘dad.’
  4. The Supreme Court’s 5-3 decision upholding an Arizona law that punishes businesses for knowingly hiring illegal aliens prompted friends to share their views.
  5. When IHOP (pancakes) sued IHOP (church), many people were hungry to read the lawsuit.
  6. PayPal sued two former executives for joining Google, and allegedly helping launch Google Wallet.
  7. The FDA was sued to stop the use of human antibiotics in animal feed, a practice that worries some doctors about encouraging drug-resistant bacteria.
  8. The U.S. Senate renewed the Patriot Act.
  9. Fish being mislabeled had consumers wondering about some fishy things.
  10. Texas legislators weighed in on what they believed was a tough legal issue (no, not the death penalty) – whether to legalize fishing by hand.

Thanks for visting, and check back regularly in June for a fresh dose of Justia legal insight.