Announcing Justia Daily Opinion Summaries


Hi Friends!

Today Cicely and I are pleased to announce Justia’s newest free law offering:   FREE Daily Opinion Summaries of all Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal and select State Supreme Courts!

Our Daily Opinion Summaries deliver clear, concise summaries of breaking court opinions right to your in-box. The summaries are tagged by practice area so that readers can quickly identify which opinions are relevant to their practice. This is a powerful tool for attorneys, journalists, and others looking to keep up with latest developments in the law. All summaries are written by licensed attorneys.

How to subscribe

To subscribe, visit the Justia Subscriptions Page at If you already have a Justia account, sign in to subscribe right away. If you are not yet registered, it’s fast and free!  Once registered, simply choose the jurisdictions and practice areas of interest to you.


The Daily Opinion Summaries cover published opinions from ALL Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal and many state supreme courts (including our home state — California). We are adding new state courts continuously and hope to have all fifty states covered shortly.

Our Federal Circuit and state court summaries are sent out daily, and compilations of these summaries are also grouped by practice areas and are sent out on a weekly basis.

Each summary includes a link to the full text opinion of the case, so users can click through immediately to read the case itself.

Free Law is Good

At Justia, we are committed to advancing the availability of free legal resources on the Internet and we are excited to enhance our free law offerings with this great editorial material. We hope it will make this information even more useful to all our users!

Thanks to our writers Laurel, Leslie and Loan and our engineers Dan, Gabriel, Guillermo, Hardik, Nick, Rafael, Soby, Tim and Vasu for their work on this excellent product!