Justia’s Top 10 List for February


It’s that time again, dear Justia readers, when we give you a Top Ten rundown of last month’s most popular Onward blog and Facebook posts.

Our Top Five Facebook posts:

  1. Our most-read Facebook entry involved a legislator from the Peach State who wants a law to “investigate” miscarriages of Georgia’s purported “prenatal citizens.”  Will the state’s women let a lawmaker control their bodies? We think not.
  2. When a British court granted a Swedish extradition request for Wikileaks founder Juilian Assange so that he can face criminal sexual assault charges back in Sweden, we shared the text of the court’s decision with our friends.
  3. A post by Justia’s Cicely Wilson about fellow citizens who wish physical harm upon judges with whom they disagree.  Remember people:  “Let’s all use our inside voices.”
  4. Readers expressed considerable interest in a same-sex child custody case making its way through Florida’s courts.
  5. We recommended an excellent post by Forbes’ Kashmir Hill on why trial lawyers should be well-versed in social media. Hint: do you remember Twelve Angry Men?

Our Top Five Onward Blog Posts:

  1. Puppy birthdays! Who doesn’t love ’em?  Onward blog readers helped Little Sheba the Hug Pug celebrate her seventh birthday.
  2. Can a state court actually require litigants to file pleadings online, and force them to pay a fee to do so? That is the question that Justia’s Courtney Minick explored in LexisTexas: Privatizing Access to Public Courts.
  3. The Super Bowl is always a popular time to revisit the legality of office football pools, and Justia’s Elizabeth Roig blogged insights on this timely topic.
  4. While Justia appreciated Cicely Wilson’s snowbound  post about Massachusetts’ sidewalk law on snow and ice removal liability, we trust that next winter, her legal research will take her to more sure-footed places. 🙂
  5. Nick Moline’s Valentines Day post about why We <3 Law…and Pugs at Justia highlighted two of our favorite loves: the law and our dogs!

According to Punxsutawney Phil’s expert prediction last month, spring is arriving early this year. Before next week, we hope!