App of the Week: PocketJustice Redux


PocketJustice Now Available for Android!In October, I wrote about the PocketJustice iPhone app from our friends at Oyez.  Since then they’ve released an iPad version (called PocketJustice HD) which takes advantage of the larger screen real estate to make researching faster.

Friday, they released both PocketJustice and PocketJustice Full for the Android Marketplace.  The Android version is much like the iPhone version, although thanks to Android phones having dedicated search and menu buttons, the Android version doesn’t waste as much screen real estate for a menu on the bottom of the screen.

Legal researchers in a hurry are also benefitted on the Android version by having access to Android’s voice search which allows you to say the name of a case and have your phone do the typing for you.

Like the iPhone editions, the free version of the app is limited to the information and audio for the top 100 constitutional law cases, while the $4.99 Full edition has access to over 600 cases and over 300 hours of audio.

For Android users, this is the first truly useful legal information app I’ve found.  You can find both in the Android Marketplace.