Tin Foil Hats for Justia Docket Fans


The Justia Dockets & Filings website offers attorneys, journalists, litigants, and legal researchers a simple tool for discovering and tracking litigation in the various federal courts. I find the website to be absolutely indispensable for tracking who is suing and who is being sued.

For example, I subscribe to the following RSS feeds to track lawsuits involving technology companies, such as Google, Facebook and Apple. You will find a routine stream of complaints over privacy, patents and petty consumer grievances. For the latter group, I sometimes wonder about the plaintiffs who cannot resolve minor disputes without resorting to a federal class action. In this day and age of increasing transparency in the legal system, are these plaintiffs giving sufficient forethought to how a potential future employer may view their degree of litigiousness over seemingly trivial disputes?

If the Super Bowl did not cure your sports fix, subscribe to the football, basketball and baseball RSS feeds for sports-related cases all year round. Recent cases include the Super Bowl XLV case concerning poor and inadequate seating and the Atlanta Braves contract dispute over a license and sponsorship agreement.

For the more conspiracy minded, Justia Dockets & Filings can also alert you when to don the trusty tin foil hat.