Justia January Round Up


It’s February 1st, and we at Justia are happy to report that in January members of our Onward and Facebook communities not only stopped by to visit us, you also liked us, and sometimes, you really, really liked us.

Our heavy hitter in January on the Onward Blog in terms of visits was Courtney’s post on the Online Blue Book – looks like there are more than a few people out there who like to get their inner citation geek on. I encourage anyone who hasn’t already to check out Courtney’s analysis and review of The Blue Book’s online features and also catch a glimpse of one of our Justia pugs, Sheba, giving a shout out to vendor-neutral citation.  Other popular posts this month included our Legal Predictions for 2011 and some thoughts on our shock over California’s new menu labeling laws (note: watch out for the 400+ calorie scones at Starbucks).

Not only did you visit us on Onward, but you also “liked” us – Gabriel’s post on National Stalking Awareness month came in first in that category, with Courtney’s thoughts on the death penalty in Illinois and Ken’s tips on keeping your Facebook data private coming in behind it.

Not to be left out, the stories posted on Justia’s Facebook page also generated interest.  We saw the most traffic and comments come in on links to our Onward posts involving the death penaltygun tracking (or lack there of) by the ATF, and the USA Patriot Act. Several of you also got a kick out of Ken’s humorous video-take on Legal Answers to Your Life Questions.  Other non-Justia stories that  received attention included the judicial emergency in Arizona and an article on Justice Thomas’ financial disclosure forms.

By far, though, our biggest generator of buzz was the launch of Hug Pugs on Facebook.  We get to work with some pretty cool dog-friends here at Justia, including Sheba, Rio, Belle, Tank and Mino so we thought we’d share what life is like around here with them.  We already have over 13,000 fans, many of whom have posted photos of their Pug companions.  Stop by and visit us!

All in all, a good month – thanks to all our friends for participating and being a part of the Justia community!