Things We Are Thankful For :-)


  • Free Law – Justia truly believes that the law belongs to the people. It was created for us, by us. That is why we are thankful for Law.Gov, the brainchild of passionate Government open source advocate Carl Malamud of Public.Resource.Org.
  • Google – We are thankful for Google and its continued support of free law by awarding the non-profit a $2 million grant to jump-start the Law.Gov initiative. The grant was one of five awarded to Google Project 10^100 winners, a contest to help as many people in the world as possible.
  • Facebook – We are thankful for Facebook because we really like making friends. 🙂
  • Twitter – We are thankful for Twitter. We love tweeting about the law like little birdies 🙂

  • Apple – We are  thankful in that little kid sort of way for all the Apple technology that we love working with each and every day.  Thankful that Apple’s tech tools help us stay true to Justia’s mission: “To advance the availability of legal resources for the benefit of society.”
  • Justia Mexico – We are incredibly thankful and privileged to work with such a dedicated, talented team in our sister office in Mexico who helps us make the magic happen every day!
  • Lawyers – At Justia, we are thankful that three of our lawyers passed the California Bar Exam this year! Mad props to our colleagues Eli, Katie and Ilana! Of course, we are also thankful for being able to work with such an incredible and diverse number of client lawyers and law firms. We are proud to serve your legal marketing needs on the web!
  • Dogs – We are thankful for dogs here, there, and everywhere. Big dogs, little dogs, medium dogs, tall dogs, small dogs. We pretty much love ’em all. Here are a few of Justia’s many dog friends.
  • Cats – We are also thankful for our feline friends. This year, we are particularly appreciative for having been graced with the presence of Squeaky for so many wonderful years. She recently left this world for what we know is a special place full of love, cuddles, and catnip.
  • Our Health – We like to stay healthy, thank you very much, and we’ll remain thankful all year for keeping it that way. We are also thankful that our fearless leaders have helped everyone in the office get a flu shot who wanted one this year.
  • Hats – At a start-up like Justia, we get to wear many different hats.  That’s why are truly thankful for getting to wear so many of ’em.
  • Families – We are thankful that our families are there for us. We are grateful that they put up with our crazy, hard work. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. But when we’re with them this Thanksgiving, heck, we’ll be out of the office enjoying turkey, Tofurky®, turducken, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and all of those other tasty morsels we’re dreaming about!
  • Diet Coke – The nectar of hard-working lawyers and engineers. Not just for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, from your friends at