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One of the pro bono projects we’ve been able to work on here at Justia is the Stanford Fair Use & Copyright site.  For those of you who may not be familiar with it, the site is a terrific resource for anyone interested in learning more about copyright in general, as well as for researchers more focused on exploring issues related to the fair use of copyrighted materials.  We frequently update the site, so we encourage even those of you who may already be familiar with it to stop by and check it out!

Below is a brief summary of some of the key features you will find when you visit:

What’s New – We’ve pulled together RSS feeds of several different types of materials related to copyright to help you keep up-to-date including federal cases and dockets, legislation, regulations, blog posts and news.

Commentary – Read commentary, analysis and interviews on key copyright issues by Mary Minow, our Executive Editor (and new member of the National Museum and Library Sciences Board).

Copyright Overview – Written by Rich Stim of Nolo Press, this section of the site is a great place to get familiar with copyright basics and the public domain. Rich also explains the ins and outs of getting permission to reproduce copyrighted materials.

Charts & Tools – Wonder if a work is still in copyright? Use our extensive collection of charts and tools to track library exceptions, copyright of digital materials and much more.

Guidelines & Policies – In our Libraries and Education section, we’ve collected copyright guidelines from major academic institutions and professional organizations such as AALL, ALA and the Visual Resources Association.

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One response to “Copyright & Fair Use: Resources and Tools”

  1. Ariyen says:

    I have used an image that I made that resembled a Star Trek symbol, but this site that I am a member of. It’s a wiki. Deleted the image, citing copyright. Despite I made it…, but due to it’s “resemblance” is why. Is this fair? Or was I even allowed to use my image?
    I can email the Image if needed.