October in Review


If you’re a regular reader of this blog or follow Justia on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that in October we really picked up the pace on the Justia Law, Technology & Legal Marketing Blog. In the past, we used the blog to make announcements, cheer on fellow free law advocates, and occasionally talk about legal issues. This month, with a concerted effort and lots of whining about deadlines [me], we have been blogging daily, and covering a pretty wide range of issues and ideas. We’ve reviewed apps, movies, and judicial decisions. We’ve gone from Dora to DADT. We even got shout-outs from the Library of Congress and the ABA Journal.

However, if you are just visiting our blog, you are missing out on half of the experience. You should visit our page on Facebook to join in the conversation with our community of fans. We have really enjoyed reading all the comments contributed by people from across the country about our nation’s current legal issues. Living and working in Northern California can sometimes feel like an echo chamber, so it’s been really interesting for me to hear such a broad spectrum of opinions on Facebook. I encourage you all to “fan” us and tune in for the discussions.

So to sum it up, I thought I’d do a round up of the most viewed/liked/commented posts and stories from the month of October. Congratulations to everyone on the team–especially Ken Chan, our Editor [Ken: you hate these brackets, don’t you?]. And, as we say, Onward!

Top 5 Blog Posts by Page View

  1. App of the Week: Fastcase is speedy, convenient, and free
  2. Paranormal Law
  3. U.S. Supreme Court: Helpful Online Resources
  4. U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Military Protest Case
  5. App of the Week: Nolo’s Plain English Dictionary

Top 5 Blog Posts by Facebook “like”

  1. Paranormal Law
  2. A Time for Choosing
  3. App of the Week: Nolo’s Plain English Dictionary
  4. More Rights for Corporations? On the Docket: ATT v. FCC
  5. U.S. Supreme Court: Helpful Online Resources

Top Facebook Posts by Comments

  1. California’s Prop 19 to Legalize Marijuana, pros and cons
  2. Frontline’s Death by Fire, Did Texas execute an innocent man?

Top Facebook Posts by Views

  1. PA School District settlement for spying on students
  2. MA Courthouse turned into social media lab
  3. Christian and Nick toasting with Red Bull and Monster (breakfast of champions for hardworking engineers)
  4. SCOTUS hearing on CA’s violent video games law