Carl Malamud, Public.Resource.Org and Free Case Law


peekaboo.seal.png Hi Friends,

Our friend & hero Carl Malamud stopped by the “Justia offices” to talk about his new public interest public information project…. making the case law and codes of the United States of America (state and federal) freely accessible in a public domain archive. See Tim O’Reilly’s blog post on Carl’s project (and read the comments from other big names in the free law space, including Cornell’s Tom Bruce and HyperLaw’s Alan Sugarman 🙂 This archived data can then be used and worked on by the folks at Cornell, Google, Stanford…. and everyone!

Carl’s high energy, amazing track record of success of making government information freely accessible (EDGAR, Patents, Smithsonian, CSPAN, Congressional Hearings…), connections with the technology, educational, political and online information communities will help make free case law happen. We are excited to be helping and we are giving our full support!

Rio, Carl, Sheba and Tim posterized poster and posterized 🙂 Ready to work!!!
Here is Carl giving a Google Tech talk a year or so ago about getting Congressional video onto Google Video and other places like the Internet Archive. He gives a nice overview of some of previous free information projects (I am sure there will be a new Google Tech talk on the free case law project soon 🙂

Dogs in the Office? Carl is for them! So are we!

Check out Public.Resource.Org… Just the beginning… but this is going to be Great!!!!!



And in our own blast from the past (term taken from the O’Reilly blog comments of Alan Sugarman and Tom Bruce :)… Hal Varian, Cal SIMS econ-info-library professor, and now Google’s Chief Economist, is part of Public.Resource.Org. When Stacy, Martin and I were starting FindLaw, Hal was there at the very beginning, the Northern California Law Libraries meeting where the site started. Later on, Hal connected us up with Northwestern’s & Oyez’s Jerry Goldman, who we are still working with to this day (although with Justia, not FindLaw) on the Oyez and the Supreme Court Center.

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