Aaron Greenspan and… Facebook and ConnectU


Hi Friends,

One of the cases of interest here in Palo Alto land is the current lawsuit by the founders of ConnectU against Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook gang. In an interesting side light to the case, NYT’s John Markoff has written an article on Aaron Greenspan, who developed a social facebook network, called houseSYSTEM, while at Harvard… before either ConnectU or Facebook. The article also covers what Aaron is doing now, including his new company called Qubescape, and a social networking site called Common Room. Of course there is much more about Aaron, Facebook, ConnectU on the blogsphere.

And according to John’s article, Aaron has chosen not to be a witness in the following cases…

Connectu, Inc. v. Facebook, Inc. et al in the Massachusetts Federal District Court, filings and other documents.

The Facebook, Inc. v. Connectu, LLC et al in the California Northern Federal District, filings and other documents Court.

Finally here is a 2001 article from the Jamaica Observer about a company Aaron started that used some of its proceeds to send computers to students in Jamaica.

In any case the article “Who Founded Facebook? A New Claim Emerges” is an interesting profile of Aaron. I wish him good luck on his new company and projects!



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