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Hi Friends,

We recently added the a FREE database of Federal District Court Opinions since 2004 that are available using the opinion report in the Federal Courts’ ECF. The database is updated daily.

Here is the URL for the Federal District Court Opinions:

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Our friend & hero Carl Malamud stopped by the “Justia offices” to talk about his new public interest public information project…. making the case law and codes of the United States of America (state and federal) freely accessible in a public domain archive. See Tim O’Reilly’s blog post on Carl’s project (and read the comments from other big names in the free law space, including Cornell’s Tom Bruce and HyperLaw’s Alan Sugarman 🙂 This archived data can then be used and worked on by the folks at Cornell, Google, Stanford…. and everyone!

Carl’s high energy, amazing track record of success of making government information freely accessible (EDGAR, Patents, Smithsonian, CSPAN, Congressional Hearings…), connections with the technology, educational, political and online information communities will help make free case law happen. We are excited to be helping and we are giving our full support!

Hi Friends,

First, here are the top ten law professor blogs as determined by vistors on .edu networks on I set this filter up for Professor J. Robert Brown, Jr. and a paper he was writing on blogs and reputation. You can read his post about it here. While most .edu visitors are not all law professors, they do seek out more academic blogs. Anyway here is the list.

  1. PrawfsBlawg [feed]

Hi Friends,

Here is a great new free case law project that came out (or at least I was made aware of 🙂 a few weeks ago. AltLaw.

Right now AltLaw is focused on getting up the Federal appellate opinions online (US Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts). They have aggregated opinions for the last 15 years or so (depending on the court), and have done good job presenting the cases in formated text, in addition to providing the original pdf and in a text only format. It looks like these are the slip opinions, but they can be later fixed up to match the text of the official published opinions.

Hi Friends,

Let me start our new month of blogging with a post on the great new ABA Journal Website. The site went live a few weeks ago, and includes articles from the magazine, updated daily news and a legal blog directory. The site is from ABA Journal Editor and Publisher Ed Adams, Fred Faulkner IV and the ABA Journal Web development and editorial team.

If you have not checked the new ABA Journal Website out already, you definitely should!

Hi Friends,

One of the cases of interest here in Palo Alto land is the current lawsuit by the founders of ConnectU against Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook gang. In an interesting side light to the case, NYT’s John Markoff has written an article on Aaron Greenspan, who developed a social facebook network, called houseSYSTEM, while at Harvard… before either ConnectU or Facebook. The article also covers what Aaron is doing now, including his new company called Qubescape, and a social networking site called Common Room. Of course there is much more about Aaron, Facebook, ConnectU on the blogsphere.

And according to John’s article, Aaron has chosen not to be a witness in the following cases…

Hi Friends,

Ken, Stacy and I are going to get back to blogging… finally 🙂 We have been working on a few legal information projects this summer… which we talk about in the next few weeks.

But first, congrats to Appalachian State for beating Michigan on Saturday. It was a great game that they deserved to win. Not everyday a division IAA schools visits the number #5 team in the nation and beats them in front of every 109,000 fans. In fact never before, not even something close. Well maybe Michigan can win the rest of their games, win the BCS championship and be the second best team in the country…. And for my other school.. I went to the Stanford – UCLA game, and UCLA won (on the positive side, my seats are in the shade and UCLA is my third favorite team :).