Law Dawg Blawg – Featured Blawg


Hi Friends,

This weeks featured Blawg on is the Law Dawg Blawg from the great librarians at Southern Illinois University Law School.

The Law Dawg Blawg is full of great information and tips for legal researchers, as well as being a central online community setting for SIU Law School. But what makes the Law Dawg Blawg standout are the Law Dawgs. These are Dawgs of Law, who work with and and protect law students, legal librarians, lawyers and their families. Little Sheba the Hug Pug was a special guest law dawg last year!

You can find out what a Saluki is here 🙂

You can also check out the other online resources put together by the SIU law librarian team on their SIU law library site!



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