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Hi Friends,

This weeks featured Blawg on is the Law Dawg Blawg from the great librarians at Southern Illinois University Law School.

The Law Dawg Blawg is full of great information and tips for legal researchers, as well as being a central online community setting for SIU Law School. But what makes the Law Dawg Blawg standout are the Law Dawgs. These are Dawgs of Law, who work with and and protect law students, legal librarians, lawyers and their families. Little Sheba the Hug Pug was a special guest law dawg last year!

Yapta Hi Friends,

I initially wrote this up for the LMA list, but after rereading my email I figured it would be a good post. And it has Bellingham Washington in it, which is good.

There is a new free service that will be of interest to those who travel a lot. It is called Yapta and it tracks price changes in flights and then alerts you to price drops so you can obtain refunds or traffic coupons on the difference in price. Yapta just opened up their beta to new users. The url is

Hi Friends,

For those following the Floyd Landis arbitration at Pepperdine Law School… the blog to read is Trust But Verify — News, Research and Commentary About the Floyd Landis Doping Allegations — from David Brower. Pepperdine Law Professor Roger Alford also has some thoughts on witness tampering on Opinio Juris.

Trust But Verify – Floyd Landis Doping Allegations Blog

Hi Friends,

This from Today’s New York Times…

While no decisions have yet been made, he [Tom Glocer] said Reuters might hire about 50 additional journalists to create a legal news wire, integrating it with Thomson’s current offerings to lawyers.

Interesting… and I believe that Thomson will use some of their education division sale money to purchase American Lawyer Media. We will see… in the mean time, I am taking bets.

Gino Wins

Stacy, Dana and I went to the Contra Costa Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships on Saturday to cheer our friend Gino Eagle Johnson on in the Ultra Grand Masters category.

Gino Posing with Ultra Division Placers
Gino Posing

The Ultra Grand Masters is the division for those over 60. Gino is 70 years young and he won his class! Gino is a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym in Mountain View (where we work out :), and he plans to compete in the Nationals in Pittsburgh this July. What an inspiration!

Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler performed as the guest poser. He put on a great show posing and also talking individually to fans. Mr. Olympia shared the inspiring story of how he won the Olympia after being told he would never win it or compete professionally for that matter. Through hard work and determination he achieved his life dream.

Other Mountain View Gold’s folks also competed. Doug placed 2nd in the Grand Masters division. And Saraya placed 4th in her very first bodybuilding competition with a salsa-inspired posing routine.

There are more pictures in the extended entry.

Congratulations to all!



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