vLex.com Update – New Site UI – More Databases – USA Free


Hi Friends,

I had a great meeting yesterday with my friends at vLex.com. vLex has relaunched their Website, which has laws from many different countries (vLex is based in the EU, and have offices in South America and the USA ). I was given a full tour of the vLex system. They have nicely cleaned up the user interface. The only thing I would add is having the country flags on their home page glide back and forth like album covers on iTunes 🙂
vLex also has great plans for their future, which I am sure they will announce when they are ready 🙂 vLex truly listens to their users, as the product development shows. I am very excited about the new vLex features that will be coming online, and have full faith that what they are doing will be a huge win for practitioners throughout the world. Check them out at vLex.com. And best of all the USA information is free 🙂

Now I am going up to Bellingham and Seattle to see Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog, interview students and drink beer (with Kevin, not the students :). And I have to find out what Avvo is doing, beyond the rumors (maybe a Zillow of lawyer owned homes 🙂



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