SF Giants Opening Day


Hi Friends,

SF Giants
I “skipped” work today and went to the SF Giants opener with Acendi Software CEO Charlie Moore (who took us all — thanks!!!!), one of my many attorneys Ruben Sundeen, bike photographer Kent Williams and Acendi team members (others were also going to home openers :). Charlie used to work with my previous attorneys at Venture Law Group (now part of Heller Erhman) and worked with Yahoo! and others when they were just starting out. The Giants lost by a touchdown, but it was nice day to talk code and Acendi’s new online forms service RocketLawyer.com, which allows users to create legal documents online. And I took a lot of Barry and Barry pictures (in the extended entry 🙂



iTunes :: 1988 World Series, Game 1 Dodgers v. As – Kirk Gibson hits his 9th Inning 2out Home Run!!!!! – Dodgers WIN!