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We have updated the Supreme Court Center (which features US Supreme Court cases since volume 1) to allow anyone to cobrand the center or a case by adding their own graphics and a linkback to their Web site, Web page or Blog.

You can add a graphic with a linkback in the header and, for individual cases, a graphic with linkback on the top of the case resources box. The linkback and graphics will remain on pages as individuals, who visit from your site, browse cases and do searches in the Supreme Court Center.

You can have the linkback take the user back to the home page of your Web site or Blog or you could have different links on different pages or posts – each taking the user back to the page of the original link.

Hi Friends,

Well it has been two years since Little Sheba the Hug Pug came to live with the pack, traveling by car from her home in Los Angeles in rented Red Mustang. Sheba is very happy to be here playing with the programmers everyday and barking at the lawyers on the phone.

Dog Law with Little Sheba the Hug Pug

To celebrate her two year anniversary, Sheba is announcing her very own Dog Law Web site which she made with us and her friends from Nolo (especially Mary Randolph !!! :).

IntuitHi Friends,

One of the side things we do is make stuff for friends in the area. Recently we helped make Intuit a legal portal for their Intranet. Nolo provided the content, while we did the programming. If you work at Intuit, you can login and check it out.

Quicken WillMakerFor our estate planning clients – Intuit and Nolo will give a free one year professional license of the Quicken WillMaker for making client wills – normally priced for $500 (Individuals can buy WillMaker directly form Nolo for personal use as a download for $39.99). Nolo has been doing a quite a bit in the last year to bring their products for the professional market. If you interested in a professional license of their products see Nolo’s Professional Use Licenses information page. And there is some other stuff coming out of Berkeley for lawyers… but I will wait until they say it is okay to post about it 🙂