New Mini Google Mini – indexes 50k documents for $1,995


Mini Google Mini 50k documents / $1995
Hi Friends,

Google came has come out with a mini version of their Google Mini. The new version indexes 50,000 documents and costs $1,995. It is very easy to setup, and if you need to upgrade the number of documents you are indexing , you can just purchase an upgrade license and enter in a new license key (like Justia did recently :). Google has a Google Mini product tour online and list of the 200+ file formats the Google Mini indexes.

For law firms, I would recommend using a Google Mini for the full text search of their Web site if it has 1,000 or more pages of content and for their intranet to search previous legal research (to find old briefs etc…). The key value to us was the ease of setup and quality of search results.

You can read more about our use of the Google Mini in our previous posts: about the Google Mini and our use of it for the US Supreme Court Decisions full text search.

Peace – Tim

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