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Ask JeevesHi Friends,

Cyber Librarian Gary Price of the ResourceShelf, and the editor of Search Engine Watch Blog is going to Ask Jeeves as the Director of Online Information Resources. Gary will be giving up the editorship of the Search Engine Watch blog (with Barry Schwartz taking over) but will continue on with ResourceShelf. You can read more on the ResourceShelf site post. From the Ask Jeeves press release:

Gary is going to keep up the ResourceShelf and the associated DocuTicker blog (two of the main research sites I personally read :). I believe this will turn out to be very good for Ask Jeeves. It will help to have someone who knows everything that is going on in the online research world, I would expect more quality content in the invisible Web becoming visible 🙂

Lately, Google has been involved in a lot of lawsuits: book publishers, DOJ subpoena, Microsoft, France….

However, last month, in a novel twist, a plaintiff, Mark Anderson, convinced the Beverly Hills Small Claims Court to direct Google to remove a number of documents that mention him from the Google index, including newspaper articles and public documents such as a U.S. Bankruptcy Court order.

Specifically, the Court ordered Google to remove “all references to [1 individual and 3 companies] from the Google search engines and search results.” This is not the removal of the documents from the Internet, just from the Google search results. Attached to the order was an exhibit listing the Web pages to be removed from the Google index. Chilling Effects has posted the court order and exhibit on its Web site.

If you find yourself frequently looking up US Supreme Court cases, we’ve come up with a time-saving plugin for Firefox users.


Once you’ve installed our US Supreme Court Search plugin, look for the J-star icon in the oval search field in the upper right-hand corner of your Firefox browswer. Enter any term, hit enter, and the browswer will retrieve US Supreme Court cases that reference your search query. This plugin is also available from

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