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Hi Friends,

Stacy and I went to the The Stanford Daily alumni dinner tonight following another Stanford loss to Cal (congrats RS). Thanks to Elna Tymes, whose son Adrian was one of the programmers at FindLaw, did a great job putting together the dinner.

As for the dinner talks, after going through the editorial and business metrics at the paper (happy to report that things are looking good :), former Knight Ridder columnist, book author and blogger Joanne Jacobs gave a talk on… blogs.
Hi Friends,

Little Sheba the Hug Pug and Justia were written about on as part of a Take Your Dog to Work article by Heidi LaFleche. Once again, Sheba was using her cuteness and connections to get Justia some attention, after all – It is her job 🙂

Little Sheba is happy to be on
But Sheba is not just in the office sleeping waiting for writers to call. Smiling Sheba often works 24 hour days to make things go on the product side. Helping make stuff like… free case law in the US Supreme Court Center – which is now in its Alpha-Beta 2 release – and of course Sheba came up with the free part of the free law firm Web sites on And Sheba even has her own line of Hug Pug tshirts, posters and mugs. Not to bad for a puppy 🙂