Justia Auto Recalls Center – RSS Feeds of Recalls for Every Car Make Model and Year


Hi Friends,

We officially released our brand new Justia Auto Recalls Center this week (legal blog readers of course had advanced notice – Bob Ambrogi’s LawSites [ Post ], Sabrina Pacifici’ BeSpacific [ Post ] ).

The Justia Auto Recalls Center URL is: http://auto-recalls.justia.com

For the Auto Recalls Center, we took the 50,000+ recalls and broke them down by make-model-year for each recall and then added RSS feeds for the auto recall database as a whole, each auto make, each auto make-model and each auto make-model-year.

Justia Auto Recalls Center

Finding recalls for your car is easy. Starting from the Justia Auto Recalls Home page browse to your auto’s Make, then Model and then Year.

For example the 2002 Honda Accord’s there are two recalls.

2002 Honda Accord Auto Recalls

To track any new Auto Recalls for the 2002 Honda Accord, I could subscribe to the 2002 Honda Accord RSS Feed with a news reader, or another RSS tool (RSS readers and tools) or add the RSS feed to….

MyYahoo! - with Justia Auto Recall Feed

MyYahoo!. If there is a new recall, it will show up in my 2002 Honda Accord Recall module. Of course there are thousands of other RSS feeds for auto make-model-years, so feel free to track the recalls for your car(s) 🙂

Peace – Tim

Here is our press release “New Justia Web Site Enables Consumers to Easily Track Auto Recalls: Auto Recalls Center Provides RSS Feeds for Recalls of Every Auto, Make, Model and Year“.

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