Nolo Relaunches Web site


Hi Friends,

Nolo, Justia friend and our main content provider, has relaunched their Web site with a new design that focuses on users’ legal needs. The new Nolo site is segmented into six legal issues channels, leading to a much better user interface. The interface is much cleaner, with everything visible above fold on the home page.

New Web site

As one can see, the Web site is in consumer friendly yellow 🙂’s six channels are:

Having now played with the new Nolo site, I can say without a doubt that it is easier to find an article or product than on the old Web site. (I do have some notes and suggestion, but I will forward those directly to Nolo :).

Overall a great improvement. The new structure makes the Nolo Web site much more consumer friendly, and ideally lead to more Nolo eBook, software and physical book sales 🙂 Very nice – congrats!

Peace – Tim

Aside #1: Many of Nolo’s software products, e.g. WillMaker Plus, are now licensable for commercial use by law firms, as Nolo has started to make inroads into the law firm and attorney solutions market. Click Here to Learn More about Nolo’s Professional Licensing.

Aside #2: I will now be adding a link to an iTunes song that I am currently listening to with some (most? all?) posts going forward.
Today’s iTunes song link:

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